After spending weeks looking at potential houses, the girls have become desperate to find somewhere suitable to rent. Now, at last, Heidi and Talia have found a likely candidate. After having a look around it with the estate agent, they decide they want it, but these things are rarely that […]

Renting a House

Keira (brunette) and Kamilia (blonde) are spending their afternoon watching a football match on television. Their playful rivalry, because they support opposing teams, soon turns into a very sexy bet. Whoever’s team loses the match will have to be a slave for the winner for the rest of the afternoon. That […]

The Football Bet

After watching a television program, Caley and Jasmine end up discussing the act of being completely naked in front of other, fully-clothed people. Caley claims that she is definitely confident enough to undress like that, with people watching her, so Jasmine dares her to prove it, out in the garden. […]

The Garden Dare

This was a simple photoset for beautiful brunette Olivia, but rather embarrassing. All she had to do was stand still in the kitchen and let her blonde friend, Shelley, strip her completely naked. Very nice. Find out what happens next – Buy the full photo set here for only $0.99.

Shelley Strips Olivia Naked

Ladies’ Fashion Shop security guard, Pasha, catches a shoplifter attempting to steal lingerie from the shop displays. Following procedure, she pulled the suspected shoplifter through to the manager’s office in the staff-only area. Before they can take any legal action against the shoplifter, the manager has to prove that she really has […]

The Shoplifter

With a performance coming up tonight, Hypnotist Trinity persuades two of her friends to stand in and help her practice her routine. Little do Abigail and Davina know what they are letting themselves in for, but I think they are about to discover why Trinity learnt hypnosis! Find out what […]

Stage Hypnotist Practice Session

Jasmine faces a challenge in this photoset: She has to simply stand up in front of three of her female friends and strip completely naked. Caley, Sabrielle & Hermione got to just sit around her in the garden and enjoy the show. Very sexy! Find out what happens next – Buy […]

Jasmine strips naked in front of her friends

The weather’s lovely and her housemates are out so Maggie decides it’s the perfect time to get some naked sunbathing in, in the garden. What could possibly go wrong? Well it’s fairly safe to say that someone is going to end up exposed and embarrassed! Find out what happens next […]

Maggie does some Naked Sunbathing

How embarrassing must this be for Gemma?! She has to just stand there and let an acquaintance of hers strip her completely naked. This is a wonderful bit of CFNF. Great fun, but highly embarrassing for Gemma, and very sexy! See Gemma end up completely naked on

Eva strips Gemma naked

Playing a strip game can be a lot more exciting when played in front of a bunch of other people. Admittedly this is strictly pure CFNF but both players are female so one of them is going to end up completely naked in front of the other one, and half […]

Playing Strip Spin-the-Bottle with an audience

I think most people would agree that Caley is a beautiful woman and has an amazing body. What better reason do we need to get her stripped completely naked? This time Jasmine takes off all of Caley’s clothes and shows off her body to us. The situation is extra embarrassing […]

Caley is stripped naked by Jasmine