What is CFNF?

Caley Naked Outdoors

CFNF (Clothed Female Naked Female) is a topic covering all those wonderful moments and situations when one or more women is/are completely naked in front of other fully clothed women.

There are many situations where this can occur, such as strip games, streaking, dares and forfeits, accidental nudity or simply being caught by surprise, but the common feature is that intense embarrassment felt by the naked lady at being exposed in front of her peers.

Being naked in front of a doctor, stripsearched at the airport or even taking part in a drama production requiring nudity are all ways this can occur. It’s that element of one-sided nudity which is important.

Hypnotised to be nakedBeing naked when all around you are naked too is easy, but it can be so much more embarrassing being naked when all around are fully dressed. That’s what CFNFcentral is all about.

CFNFcentral.com will be adding the very best photosets and videos on the CFNF topic building an ever-growing collection of the sexiest content.


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